How nformz Works

nFormz is an enterprise application that enables director level and below employees to quickly develop, deploy and modify their own applications and optionally port to an iOS or Android device. Having the power to circumvent the issues common with budgeting and waiting for custom development is an extremely valuable ROI. Use cases include digital asset management, location assessment, job management, capital planning, claims processing, order processing and facility maintenance.



All views that appear to your end-users are completely customizable using standard HTML and JavaScript. Administrators can easily create a highly customized experience for your end-users to fit just about any business need.



All data entered into nFormz is exportable to Excel, CSV and PDF. Custom exports and reports can also be created by administrators. Multiple exports can also be processed at once and zipped into a single download.


Secure Roles/Filters

Using roles and filters your administrators can finely tune exactly what projects and information your end-users can view and edit. Managing large groups of users is simplified by using permission inheritance.



All projects are portable to iOS and Android devices for offline use. Users can also download existing information (including photos) to their devices, update, add photos and then re-upload.


Quickly Deploy

A single administrator can easily design/deploy a project within hours. Updates can also be done on the fly and adding/removing fields or altering existing views can be done with just a few clicks.


Fast Results

Avoid costly and time consuming custom development while simultaneously having the ability to quickly implement your own solutions specifically designed to fit your business requirements.

How nFormz could Help You

We understand that in today's market there is a wide variety of quality "off the shelf software" solutions. But the harsh reality is OTS is typically only useful for specific use-cases and purchasing separate OTS solutions for every business need is not a viable option. nFormz is specifically designed to fill that gap. Using nFormz a single user can easily design/deploy a project in just a few hours while simultaneously managing dozens projects and hundreds of users. An extremely valuable ROI!

Notable Standouts

nFormz technology has been implemented in dozens of companies spanning hundreds of use-cases. Here are a few highlights we feel best represent the capability of nFormz:

Fortune 50 big box retailer with 1,800 stores

To better perform capital planning a large retailer needed a simple and quick way to annually assess interior and exterior store conditions by performing comprehensive surveys. nFormz facilitated the easy and rapid collection of critical data providing valuable insights into areas requiring immediate action enabling highly focused budgeting.

$12b healthcare provider with 2,700 clinics

A healthcare provider with many locations needed a way to automate the scheduling and execution of preventative maintenance on all their high value assets. Using nFormz a single administrator can now easily manage PM work order scheduling which includes the ability to verify the completion of work performed by third party providers.

Fortune 500 fashion retailer with 3,000 stores

A fashion retailer needed a way to manage 90,000 pieces of licensed artwork in their stores which included locating and replacing specific images when contracts expire. Using nFormz a team of over 2 dozen contractors was reduced to a single employee who can now manage the full life-cycle of each individual image.